Sofia Costa has in its history a journey of 50 years in the Portuguese Shoe Market.

The continued success came as a result of the effort, dedication and entrepreneurship of its founding members

Our business posture is guided by values like trust and respect for our collaborators,

suppliers and clients, and has allowed us to grow with in a sustainable way,

solidifying the bond with all publics.

This commitment is crucial in maintaining a high quality standard

on all products we place on the market.

Mixing handcraft techmiques with advanced technology, Sofia Costa can deliver

small and large orders with the same guarantee. The guarantee that you are receiveng a high

quality product, with features that set you apart from your competitors. Directed to cosmopolitan women,

Sofia Costa proposals are markedly contemporary, maintaining a

classic twist throughout all the collection. The final result is a high end shoe,

designed and manufactured according to our clients wishes. Because we share a passion with you,

ur focus is in the quality of what is most important.

After all "It's all about shoes".